Book online or call us: 201 685 7770

Hotel front desk timings?
We open 24X7

Do we have elevators within hotel?
Yes, available

Is Kitchen attached in every room of the Hotel?
No, kitchen is not attached in any of the rooms. We have the microwave oven and fridge in every room.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?
Yes we do accept.

How long it is from Newark Airport and JFK airport?
Newark Airport - 16min, 9 miles
JFK Airport - 1hr, 30 min, 20.9 miles

How long the local train station (Journal Square PATH station)?
It is just a few minutes walking distance.

Are there any grocery stores, nearby?
The Hotel is situated on Newark Ave, all stores/grocery stores including Indian, tea, breakfast to all types of meals and super markets are available nearby.

How about within hotel environment, I mean temperature n all?
We are equipped with heaters and air conditioners in each room, appropriate temperature within hotel is maintained based on season.

Yes, we have the wi-fi availability in each room and through out the hotel area.